Have you heard dubstep? Read the #imagine tag on Twitter? Seen the Tumblr of a person under the age of 15? Each week in YOLO, Millennial Analyst Lindsey Weber* picks a new teen trend she doesn’t quite understand and attempts to unpack it before your very eyes.

I’m a few weeks late here, but I’m demanding a recount. It seems as if the most important demographic just wasn’t heard. Your cruel 18+ laws don’t take into account the future of our youngs, and since they are the future, they deserve a voice! Recount or not, I believe I can do my own scientifically accurate vote count with by just using Twitter. I am practically The Disney Channel’s Nate Silver.

Votes for Bieber’s Presidency surpass any fixed law:

Voting booths also be damned!

They’re even standing strong up against the current administration:

Well, if Bieber’s already successfully running Canada then why not?

And his social media is superior to Obama’s...

Meanwhile, some of these teens (and Donald Trump fans?) aren’t even sure where Obama is from.

Even grandma said she’d write in Bieber:

And think of all of the money Bieb could spend on public works!

It’s just totally unfair.

Vote Bieber!

*Not an actual title.