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Here’s your ultimate Spotify playlist of 2015

Songs of the year.


Ramon Ramirez


With all due respect to Coldplay’s Super Bowl gig, Adele’s network-television specials, and that time Mumford & Sons went to Guitar Center and got crunchy, 2015 has a tiny cluster of truly artful icons and one undisputed band of the year: dive rockers Eagles of Death Metal.

It was a year when the terrorists declared war on our indie rock venues—and the world spit back in its most defiant scenester denim, resolved to never be intimated at shows. (Almost a month after the Paris attacks, some people still think EODM actually plays metal.)

That’s where this year’s Spotify suite begins. The 24-hour, 360-song playlist goes on to an unlikely protest anthem we heard bouncing in the streets of Chicago just hours after America streamed the Laquan McDonald footage.

As has become Daily Dot tradition, we polled a diverse array of intense music geeks and streamlined a front-to-back mix of songs from 2015 that will make you feel. The clash of clans forms an intensely listenable experience; we trust you’ll find joy in a hearty chunk of it.

Thanks to mix contributors Joshua Bradshaw, Patrick Caldwell, Jim Hill, Jeremy Hurd, Blake Hurtik, Andy O’Connor, Austin Powell, Victoria Ramirez, Robert Rich, Aaron Sankin, Tara Seetharam, and Harrison Yeager

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Photo via Steve Cadman/Flickr (CC BY SA 2.0)

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