The boyband’s hit “Gotta Be You”—now with more gibberish!

What’s the best way to top the many fantastic and hilarious bad lip reading videos on the Internet?  The video editors at YouTube’s popular Bad Lip Reading channel have decided that in the case of One Direction, less is more.

Less coherency, more gibberish, that is.

“Cragge noylshe, phawne leah liza meh foyshweezen-zuzu,” says One Direction band member Liam Payne forlornly into the camera.

Payne’s vocal stylings are up-ended in Bad Lip Reading’s hilarious fake trailer for One Direction’s alleged new gangster suspense/thriller foreign language epic, Shadow Pico. Turning on the captions, the “foreign language” translates to “I am not believing my sadness days.” The dub, a re-edit of 1D’s November single “Gotta Be You,” has garnered over 14,000 views since it was posted earlier today.

Since the early days of Anime Music Videos and machinima (gaming videos), video editors have prided themselves on well-edited lip-syncing, matching the footage onscreen to often-hilarious dubbing. But in recent years, the practice has grown, and now thousands of videos, from fan dubs to bad lip reading, proliferate YouTube.

For their choice to go full-on gibberspeak for this particular video, Bad Lip Reading may have been taking a page out of rock band Fun’s book: earlier this year they recorded their party anthem “We Are Young” in “Simlish” for the release of popular virtual life game The Sims.

What exactly is the “Shadow Pico” of the ominous trailer title? It seems to be a reason for the band of brothers to reunite. On the original video, viewers have been having fun with the concept, spamming the comments with exclamations of “SHADOW PICO!”

“OMG!! They finally made a remix of SHADOW PICO!” commented YouTuber Ricky T. “The original was way better.”

Photo via YouTube

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