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Issa Rae teases new HBO show, ‘Insecure’

Things are going to get awkward.


Nayomi Reghay


Issa Rae, the creative genius behind hit webseries Awkward Black Girl, on Monday teased a new trailer for her soon-to-premiere HBO series.

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The long-awaited series, Insecure, is set to premiere on Oct. 9 and from the looks of the teaser, it promises fans more of Rae’s trademark wit and relatable explorations of what it’s like to be awkward and black.

According to Variety, at HBO’s Television Critics Association session—which featured Rae, showrunner Prentice Penny, and executive producer Melina Matsoukas—Rae explained that the show will examine the complexities of “blackness” and the reality that “you can’t escape being black.” Rae added that the show will also pose the bigger question: “What does it mean when you don’t fit into this definition of being black?”

While Insecure may not be the first comedy series created by and starring a black woman—comedians Sherri Shepherd and Wanda Sykes have also had sitcoms—it is a first for premium cable. This factoid came as a surprise to Rae, who asked, “Is that true? That’s sad!”

The show also features a diverse writer’s room, where the women outnumber the men. Penny tweeted this snapshot of the gloriously diverse staff.

“It’s an interesting thing that can’t be summed up—whether you are black, Latino, or Asian, it’s hard to get a show on the air. It’s tough to take a chance on somebody. It’s all about: Who is already in the system?” said Penny.

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