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​​‘You did not get bad service’: Texas Roadhouse server says customers came in ‘minutes’ before close. She can’t believe her tip on $184 tab

‘Treating your server that way is just a blatant disrespect.’


Alexandra Samuels


A Texas Roadhouse server of 20 years recently took to TikTok to rant about an unpleasant family she waited on. Gina (@whatsthatmeen), who lives in Florida, said she recently served a family of three who walked into Texas Roadhouse—and expected to get fed—minutes before close.

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To make matters worse, she said, they gave a paltry tip. As of Monday, her clip had amassed more than 219,200 views.

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Customers like this, Gina said, “don’t have any kindness in their soul.”

What did the Texas Roadhouse diners do? 

Gina said that the family—a mom, dad, and kid—tipped her $2 on a $184 check. They also made payment complicated: Doling out five $20 bills and 86 ones to cover their tab. She added that the family wasn’t engaging with one another and everyone was glued to their phone instead.

That made ordering especially complicated, Gina said. The server said that she and her trainee kept approaching the family, asking if they were ready to order. “They are just ignoring us,” she said. “As if we are not standing right in front of them.”

It was “blatant disrespect,” she added.

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When the family finally ordered, Gina said, it took them “a solid 10 minutes.” She said that they asked a number of questions related to the food and were indecisive about what to order. 

Still, Gina insisted that the family received exemplary service. For instance, the group ordered shots from the bar after last-call.

“I gave you bread to-go. I gave you drinks to-go,” Gina said. “You did not get bad service… They didn’t get ‘end-of-the-night’ [expletive] service because I don’t give that.”

How are viewers and the worker reacting? 

Gina said that she understands that these ludicrous situations are “part of the job.” Still, she said it still “infuriates” her each time it happens. (In other videos, she’s documented some of her least favorite things about working as a server.) 

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“Treating your server that way is just a blatant disrespect,” Gina said. The Texas Roadhouse server added that customers like this “have no conscious” and “no self-awareness.” 

The worker ended her video with the message to the family: “You suck. You absolutely suck. And I hope that your kid doesn’t grow up to be like you.”

Viewers were similarly annoyed and questioned why servers should have to tolerate this behavior. 

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@whatsthatmeen What’s the worst tip you ever got? I love paying $3 to take care of crappy humans! 😁😁 #hospitalityindustry #serverlife #servertok ♬ original sound – Gina 🍉

“I’ll never understand why you guys have to serve them,” one user said. “Can’t rush them either. I’m so sorry.”

“People have no common decency,” another said.

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Other workers said they’ve received similarly meager tips.

“I got a $1 bill once and gave it back,” one person shared. 

“I’ve gotten no tip for [a] 1200 bill,” another wrote.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Gina via TikTok comment.

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