Erykah Badu is giving Twitter the best palm readings ever

Erykah Badu

Photo via Jon Fingas/Flickr (CC-BY-ND)

Badu sees 'Netflix and Chill' in your future.

Soul sister Erykah Badu has showed the internet her palm reading "skills" after a Twitter user requested the singer's telepathic magic. The tweet inspired a wave of hand photos soon after, allowing Badu to serve as a visionary for all that desired her much-needed guidance. 

Though some of the readings were sincere and empowering, Badu really took it as an opportunity to take the piss out of her telepathic abilities, serving a plate of sarcasm along with most of the tweets:  
Badu's deep, spiritual connection has her even guessing that one guy is going to find a specific kind of Pokemon.  

 We sure hope she's right.

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