The best pics of 2012 from Reddit's Photoshop Battles

2012 was a great year for the r/photoshopbattles subreddit, as you can see from these winning images.

Mitt Romney holding a pistol sideways at a rally. Sesame Street's Bert and Ernie walking away from an explosion. The Olympics stadium filled with memes.

These are some of the best altered images this year according to Reddit's Photoshop Battles, a place where users take topical, funny, or just plain disturbing images and remix them.

This year's winners were were decided by the number of upvotes (not the total score) an image received on the social news site, wrote moderator thatoneguydunno.

The following are this year's winners:

Best Animal/Nature Image

Posted by FueledByCoffee

Best Apocalyptic/Zombie Image

Posted by dr_mantis_tobaggan

Best Celebrity/Political Image

Posted by DaminDrexil


Best GIF/Reaction Image

Posted by ListenChump

Best Meme Related Image

Posted by Daanando

Best Plot Twist/Unexpected/Troll Image

Posted by /t3hTr0n

Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Anime Image

Posted by heavymetalpancakes

Best Sports/Games Image

Posted by Monkeyknife

Best WTF Image

Posted by elf_destruct_in_321

Art via heavymetalpancakes/Reddit

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