The 30 most-followed accounts on Instagram

Selena Gomez and Ariana Grande continue to top the list.

Jun 7, 2017, 5:30 am



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Instagram gives us a fleeting glimpse into the lifestyles of the rich and the famous: the tropical destinations they’re visiting, the new outfits they’re rocking, and the gourmet food they’re at least considering eating. Who has the most followers on Instagram? People whose lives typically look nothing like our own.

Sure, when we see a more mundane Instagram video or photo, we’re reminded that celebrities are just like us, with basic needs and flaws. But let’s be real—we follow them mostly because they’re not. So who is really winning the Insta game? Here’s who has the most Instagram followers.

Who has the most followers on Instagram?

1) Instagram– 247 million followers

Instagram has over 800 million users, and nearly a third of those people follow the company’s official account. The feed is curated by Instagram’s community management team and features photos from around the world, so you never know what you’re going to see next.

Screenrab via Instagram/Instagram

2) Selena Gomez– 141 million followers

Selena Gomez may not be the most famous person on this list, but she’s the original queen of Instagram, reigning since December 2015.

Selena Gomez/Instagram

3) Cristiano Ronaldo– 140 million followers

Soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo is the most popular man on Instagram, and it’s not even a close call. He tops his nearest male competitor by more than 25 million followers.

Screengrab via cristiano/Instagram

4) Ariana Grande– 126 million followers

The former Disney actress-turned-pop superstar has dominated headlines in the wake of the terrorist attack at her Manchester concert and her subsequent benefit performance.

Screengrab via arianagrande/Instagram

5) Beyoncé– 117 million followers

The only thing less surprising than Beyoncé being on the list is that she isn’t higher. According to her loyal Beyhive followers, however, she’s always no. 1.

Screengrab via beyonce/Instagram

6) Kim Kardashian– 116 million followers

Some of Kim Kardashian-West’s most infamous internet-breaking photos first appeared on Instagram, where she regularly pushes the limits of the company’s NSFW policy.

Screengrab via kimkardashian/Instagram

7) Kylie Jenner– 114 million followers

As the youngest person in the top 10, Kylie Jenner has been in the spotlight since age 9, thanks to Keeping Up with the Kardashians. She has since nabbed her own series and makeup brand, racking up an overwhelming social media presence all on her own. She took a short Insta hiatus during while keeping her pregnancy under wraps, but returned full force after her daughter, Stormi, was born. 

Screengrab via kyliejenner/Instagram

8) Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson– 114 million followers

If pro wrestling star-turned-Hollywood icon Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson does ever make a run in politics, he’ll have a massive Instagram audience to at his disposal.

Screengrab via therock/Instagram

9) Taylor Swift– 111 million followers

Once the most-followed person on Instagram, Taylor Swift has lost some ground in recent years. Still, her follower count is actively larger than entire populations of some European countries.

Screengrab via Taylor Swift/Instagram



10) Justin Bieber– 102 million followers

Justin Bieber’s Instagram provides a pretty candid look at the pop star’s life. Some of his recent posts included videos of him playing pickup basketball and photos of him “wilding out” in the club.

Screengrab via justinbieber/Instagram

11) Neymar Jr.– 101 million followers

Screengrab via neymarjr/Instagram

12) Lionel Messi– 97.6 million followers

Screengrab via leomessi/Instagram

13) Kendall Jenner– 94.6 million followers

Screengrab via kendalljenner/Instagram

14) Nicki Minaj– 90.9 million followers

Screengrab via nickiminaj/Instagram

15) National Geographic–90.4 million followers

Screengrab via natgeo/Instagram

16) Nike– 79.8 million followers

Screengrab via nike/Instagram

17) Jennifer Lopez– 78.9 million followers

Screengrab via jlo/Instagram

18) Khloe Kardashian– 78.4 million followers

Screengrab via khloekardashian/Instagram


19) Miley Cyrus– 76.2 million followers

Screengrab via mileycyrus/Instagram


20) Katy Perry– 71.3 million followers

Screengrab via katyperry/Instagram

21) Demi Lovato– 71 million followers

Screengrab via ddlovato/Instagram

22) Kourtney Kardashian– 66.6 million followers

Screengrab via kourtneykardash/Instagram

23) Rihanna– 64.3 million followers

Screengrab via badgalriri/Instagram

24) Real Madrid C.F.– 62.5 million followers

Screengrab via realmadrid/Instagram

25) Kevin Hart– 61.8 million followers

Screengrab via kevinhart4real/Instagram

26) Victoria’s Secret– 60.8 million followers

Screengrab via victoriassecret/Instagram


27) FC Barcelona– 59.3 million followers

Screengrab via fcbarcelona/Instagram

 28) The Ellen Show– 56.4 million

Screengrab via theellenshow/Instagram

29) Zendaya– 52.2 million followers

Screengrab via zendaya/Instagram

30) Justin Timberlake– 51 million followers

Screengrab via justintimberlake/Instagram

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