Cheesecake Factory restaurant inside mall (l) Man speaking in mall (c) Texas Roadhouse inside mall (r)


‘I’m trying to get away from this food bro’: Overseas mall features Texas Roadhouse, Cheesecake Factory, Starbucks, and Five Guys, sparking debate

'Those chains taste so much BETTER over there than in America.'


Melody Heald

Internet Culture

Posted on Nov 4, 2022

A man went viral on TikTok after revealing some of the American restaurants inside an Abu Dhabi mall.

The video features user Joseph Fares (@josephmfares) as he stands inside the mall. “This is when you know American chain restaurants have taken over the world,” Fares says and flips the camera to unveil a three-story mall. On the first floor are Texas Roadhouse, Cheesecake Factory, and Starbucks. Texas Roadhouse is written in both Arabic and English and is right next to Starbucks and across from Cheesecake Factory.

Right above Starbucks on the third floor is Five Guys which is underneath another Starbucks.

Fares wrote in the caption, “I’m trying to get away from this food bro.” He even elaborated in the comments that he’s not upset with the American restaurants, but Texas Roadhouse threw him off, writing, “I get this stuff is everywhere lol I’m not mad about it, but the Texas Roadhouse is sending me (crying emoji).”

Fares told the Daily Dot via email that he was just visiting Abu Dhabi.


Im trying to get away from this food bro

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“I don’t live in Abu Dhabi, I was just visiting. It’s my second time visiting in the past couple of years,” he said.

He said the UAE (United Arab Emirates) is rich in culture, catering to all walks of life.

“I would say the UAE is a very international country. Dubai and Abu Dhabi cater to everyone around the world. Abu Dhabi, being the capital of the UAE, deals with more business and government histories rather than tourists. People come from all around the world to Abu Dhabi to meet with officials and business personnel, so not only is the mall filled with American chains, but also famous food chains based out of places like Taiwan, France, and many more.”

The video racked up 765,000 views as of Friday with many viewers agreeing that American fast food tastes better abroad than domestically.

“And more often than not, the food quality of American chains abroad is far superior to the domestic version,” one viewer wrote.

“The good thing is those chains taste so much BETTER over there than in America,” a second agreed.

“And every single one of them is better overseas than in the states for some reason,” another echoed.

Others shared their experiences with encountering American businesses in different countries.

“I damn near fainted when I went to Indonesia one year and saw a TGI Fridays,” one person shared.

“Pizza Hut in front of the pyramids in Egypt,” a second said.

“i was in Buenos Aires airport last night and literally the only restaurant was an Outback Steakhouse,” a third commented.

“I was in awe when I went to visit Egypt last summer and they had a CHILI’S… HUH?!?!?!” a fourth stated.

The Abu Dhabi Mall is located in Abu Dhabi which is a city in the United Arab Emirates. The city is the capital of the United Arab Emirates, next to Saudi Arabia. The mall is three stories high and consists of different stores and restaurants. There are clothing stores, coffee shops, games, electronics, skincare, food, and more.

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*First Published: Nov 4, 2022, 6:03 pm CDT