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‘If you order this, you have caused more back pain than the NFL’: FedEx driver shares the 5 things he hates to deliver

‘You obviously don’t care about other packages I gotta fit into my car.’


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Services that places like Amazon and Instacart offer have made it so that if a customer never wants to step foot inside a physical store again, they probably don’t have to. While there are many pros to this, that means delivery drivers are now having to deliver—to their dismay—heavy items like kitty litter, dog food, and cases of bottled water.

Amazon drivers have complained about just this in the past. But they were met with criticism. Many viewers reminded them that elderly people and others who can’t go to the store and lift heavy items rely on such delivery services for their necessities.

However, that isn’t stopping delivery drivers from using TikTok to air out their complaints. The latest comes from TikTok user Mr. B (@bchandler662), who shared the top five items he hates delivering. His video has been viewed 2.3 million times.


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First up is Chewy. Chewy is an online retailer that sells pet food, supplies, and toys, among other pet-related products. “If you order this, you have caused more back pain than the NFL,” the Mississippi-based FedEx delivery driver remarks.

Chewy offers repeat deliveries. And the company reported that it had 20 million active customers by the end of 2023.

Mr. B joins the ranks of the many delivery drivers who have complained about delivering Chewy boxes, specifically, as the boxes are known to be extremely heavy.

“Working at fedex and unloading them chewy boxes is straight hell,” one viewer of Mr. B’s video stated.

“Worst thing about the chewy boxes is that they’re either 3 ounces or 60 pounds and you don’t know until you lift it,” another viewer said.

In a Reddit thread, a delivery driver said that Chewy was “ruining this job for” them. “As a driver who runs a rural route i have days of nothing but chewy boxes. It is tearing my knees and my back apart. Im 31 years old and have maybe 3 more years of this left in me,” they shared.

The boxes often contain cat litter, pet food, or both. “Some of these dog food’s like 80 pounds. What size dogs do y’all have in your house?” an Amazon driver questioned back in 2023. “Why’s the dog food and the kitty litter so heavy? … They don’t pay us enough to be lifting cat litter, bottled water, and dog food.”

And another Amazon driver said these items are especially hard to deliver to apartments.


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Next on Mr. B’s list are tires. “You obviously don’t care about other packages I gotta fit into my car,” Mr. B says.

Many people purchase tires online because it can be cheaper, more convenient, and may have better payment options.

But if you still want a good deal on tires but don’t want to order them online, a tire shop worker shared his go-to hack for getting the best deal on tires in person. “Never pay full price for a tire. Amazon will always have a lower price than almost anywhere you go,” he said in 2023. He said that customers should ask their local tire shop to price match Amazon’s price and that “every company will do it.”


Hello Fresh meal kit on porch
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Perishables are food items “those likely to spoil, decay or become unsafe to consume if not kept refrigerated at 40 °F or below, or frozen at 0 °F or below,” per the USDA. These foods include dairy, raw meat, frozen items, and eggs.

If perishable foods are left out at room temperature for longer than two hours, they can become unsafe to consume. This is why they are often delivered alongside a cold source, like ice. And that’s part of why such items are an annoyance to delivery drivers. “Bottom of the box has gotten soaked by the time I make it to your house,” Mr. B says of delivering such items.


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Mr. B also dislikes delivering mirrors. There’s a “75% chance it’s gonna be broke & chance it was broke before it made it to my truck,” Mr. B jokes.

Customers online have issued complaints via Reddit about their mirrors being delivered broken by FedEx.

Mirrors are also often large and heavy, which makes them extra annoying. In the comments section, a delivery driver resonated with hating delivering this item. “Fr dropping off those mirrors knowing you’ll just have to pick it up again tomorrow,” they commented.


Casper home mattress delivery box inside home. Weathered and damaged from shipping and freight
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The item that boils Mr. B’s blood the most, however, seems to be mattresses. “Putting a mattress in a box should be a felony,” he remarks.

Mattresses can be heavy, ranging between 50 and 150 pounds. In addition, even the smallest size—a twin size—is a huge item to deliver. Despite this, FedEx allows mattress deliveries as long as they weighs 150 pounds and are 108 inches long. If the mattress is heavier than 150 pounds, the customer will get charged a $100 fee.

The Daily Dot reached out to Mr. B via TikTok comment and direct message.

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