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‘You shouldn’t have to do this’: Woman creates spreadsheet to calculate who owes her after friends didn’t pay their part of the bill

‘Never again will my card go down.’


Melody Heald


A heated debate about splitting the check or having one person foot the entire bill has sparked on TikTok after one woman created a spreadsheet to calculate who owed her money when her friends didn’t pay their portion of the bill.

Stitching a video from another creator (@thedietch) who expressed anger toward people who didn’t want to pay their portion of a $900 bill, TikToker user Haley (@hales.grace) revealed her calculations on Microsoft Excel.

Haley explains that during a birthday dinner, she decided to cover all $327.83 instead of splitting the check seven ways. After the meal, she calculated a total cost of $21.31 for each guest, which covered everything shared by the table, as well as the birthday girl’s meal.

However, after adding each person’s individual purchases and subtracting the amount of money she received, Haley says she’s still owed $10.

“I’m just letting it go because it’s not worth trying to track down, and it’s from one of the birthday girl’s friends like I’m not friends with them,” she says. “You shouldn’t have to do this.”

While Haley notes there are other options for splitting the bill, including apps like Splitwise, she says it can be difficult to get people to download these apps while at dinner.

“But to have to do like an Excel spreadsheet to get people to pay you back and knowing how much they owe you, it’s too freaking much,” she concludes.

@hales.grace #stitch with @thedietch 🤦‍♀️ when the "doing too much" gene kicks in. #eatingout #tippingculture #splitwise #birthdaydinner ♬ original sound – haley

The Daily Dot reached out to Haley via TikTok comment for more information. Her video racked up 209,000 views as of Feb. 12, and several viewers encouraged Haley to push everyone to download an app to pay her back—instead of doing the calculations on a spreadsheet.

“You should just have to round up and they can venmo you at the table. It shouldn’t be like filing taxes,” one viewer suggested.

“This is why I venmo people right at the table bc i would rather die than have an excel spreadsheet hung over my head for $20,” a second stated.

“Venmo on-site or I’m not covering anything!” a third wrote.

Some were confused as they shared how they and their friends cover the bill.

“Me and my friends just take turns paying. ‘You got it last time, I’ll get it tonight,’ and then whoever doesn’t pays, tips,” one user shared.

“Who are you guys hanging out with? My friends and I send the money before the waiter comes back to sign,” a second said.

“My friends always overpay. Whoever puts the card down usually ends up getting extra and throwing it in as more tip,” a third said.

Others shared their negative experiences with being paid back after covering the check.

“I paid for everything on my bday trip (lyfts, meals, events, etc.) on my cc and vowed never again!! ppl won’t pay you back unless you hound them lol,” one person revealed.

“This happened to me & I’m never doing it again. I bring cash and pay for my food plus a portion of taxes & tip,” a second commented.

“Last time I tried to split a dinner it was an 8-person meal one person paid back his. Never again will my card go down,” a third remarked.

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