Here are the best places to find erotica and porn for women

From audio to visual, these sites will fill all your needs.

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Lyz Lenz

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Despite any lingering stereotypes, it’s safe to say that women watch and enjoy porn, and erotica for women is having its well-deserved heyday on the internet. In 2017 alone, internet searches for “porn for women” grew by 359 percent. According to porn giant Pornhub, the year’s top search in the U.S. was “porn for women,” with viewership in the female erotica category up significantly. As of 2018,  offers women on their periods three days of free premium access during monthly lady time.

Nearly 30 percent of all internet traffic is porn, but the vast majority of it isn’t geared toward women, at least at first glance. Filtering through the muck for the stuff that suits you is a little tedious. To help you out, we’ve rounded up some of the best sites for written, audio, and visual erotica for women on the web. Just be sure to turn on incognito mode before you get started.

The best erotica for women


Bellesa is a porn site filled with romance and sensuality, however, its erotic stories are the most noteworthy. Stories are organized into different categories like romantic, group sex, and kink, where some stories build tension up sophisticatedly and others get straight to the point. If the passionate cover photos for each story aren’t arousing in itself, the words will have you begging for more.

1 week$7.00
1 month$24.99
1 year$119.99


Sssh is your one-stop sexy shop. The site has video, audio, and erotic fiction. Sssh is a membership-only site that caters exclusively to women. You’ll pretty much find exclusively erotica for women here, so if you’re looking for a membership site with more diverse perspectives, it might not be for you.
2 Day Trial$4.95
1 Month$19.95
3 Months$54.95
12 Months$95.95


Wicked is a subscription site with videos and women’s erotica in a full range of categories that are easily searchable. The site seems more geared toward men, but there is plenty of high-quality material for everyone.

3 day trial$2.99
1 month$19.99
12 months$119.99

Crash Pad

Crash Pad is a queer porn video site and has been featured on HBO’s Real Sex series. The site costs $25 a month, or $9.99 a month if you subscribe for a year. Launched by queer adult filmmaker Shine Louise Houston, the Crash Pad Series is a pioneer in ethical, feminist porn and erotic content.

Crashpad Seires
1 month$25.00
3 months$69.99
12 months$119.88

Lust Cinema

While this veers away from the written word, Lust Cinema is a specially curated website where viewers can watch professionally filmed erotica for women from producers around the world. If you’re not sure you’re interested in watching porn, founder Erika Lust‘s brainchild is a great place to start. The aesthetic films focus on the woman’s point of view and are sex-positive, celebrating the innovation and art of sex. Unfortunately, all this isn’t accessible for free. You can become a member for $34.95 a month, or choose the cheaper option of $16.66 per month for six months. 

1 month$34.95
3 months$65.95
12 months$139.95

Erotica for All

At first glance, Erotica for All seems to be a site solely focused on marketing erotic novels. However, if you click over to the Free Reads section, there is a variety of erotic fiction to suit all your female erotica fantasies.


Kinkly is an erotica site with a wealth of free sexy stories, a sex toy directory, and a directory of sex bloggers.

Girl on the Net

Since 2011, Girl on the Net has served up a platter of erotica, true sex stories, hidden dirty fantasies, and artistic representations of sex. It’s a great source for those who like their hot first-person sex tales with a healthy dose of educational commentary. As the sites’ founder writes:

I’d like to add a teeny tiny extra voice to the horde of women screaming “WE ACTUALLY LIKE THIS.” Women have come pretty far in terms of sexual liberation, but it still seems far more acceptable for guys to moan about how little head they’re getting than for girls to wish they had a dick to suck.

Erotic Audio Submissions

If you’re looking for women’s erotica that gets explicit without the imagery, audio porn might be for you. Some of the top audio porn sites have excellent submissions just for women. This Tumblr, in particular, is a treasure trove of audio erotica from amateurs.


The erotica for women on Literotica is user-submitted and can be hit or miss. But there is a lot of it, and it is searchable by category and user rankings for stories, which helps readers sift through to find the best.


Nifty caters to gay, lesbian, and transgender tastes. The site is older and isn’t updated frequently, but it has a huge archive of female erotica.


Libida is a site that promotes healthy sexuality in women and offers an archive of steamy stories.


Caffeiri is a collection of short erotica that gets directly to the point, as it were. The collection is free to access but not sorted by category. It’s got a ton of erotic short stories intended to tickle everyone’s fancy, so you’ll find erotica for women embedded throughout the site.

Romantic Pornography

The Tumblr blog’s URL might include “porn4ladies,” but it offers much more than that. The blog caters to anyone who isn’t into the emotionless aspects of porn, offering an array of pornographic images, GIFs, and art that expose the sensual side of intimacy.


This Reddit thread is for when you are on the go and don’t have any time to waste on foreplay. No, it’s not women’s erotica—it’s straight-up porn, condensed for time. But if GIF porn has ever been your thing, you’ll like the speed and repetition emphasized here. Just be wary what you click on. Some content can be fairly graphic, but you should be able to tell what you’re in for by the post title. 

Bree Guildford Erotica 

Sometimes the best erotica for women is written by everyday bloggers, and Bree Guildford is a prime example. As a mom of four (married to a woman) and an avid sex blogger, Guildford’s site is full of poetic romance novelesque erotica as well as her own personal sex stories. Its format reads kind of like a mom blog, but a whole lot hotter.

Dark Gracie

A blog filled with erotic sexcapades, Dark Gracie skips setting the plot and cuts straight to the good stuff. Gracie writes about her own experiences with men, and each post will send an electric current up your spine. A little hint, she’s into domination, pain, and doesn’t like the word “no.”

Lady Cheeky

Lady Cheeky is a Tumblr destination for the quick and simple GIF or erotic picture that will get you in the mood. The main focus is women taking charge and getting what they want out of sex. Lady Cheeky deserves a special spot in your hidden bookmarks folder.

Lesbian Dreams

Lesbian Dreams is one of the best NSFW lesbian porn blogs to check out on Tumblr right now for one simple reason: It sticks to the basics. The site features plenty of girl-on-girl action, from lesbians giving each other head to women stroking and fingering themselves while masturbating. Don’t expect anything too kinky here, but then again, if you’re just looking for a quick late night fix, Lesbian Dreams is erotica for women that’s sure to delight. While the blog isn’t updated too frequently, check out its archive for its backlog.—Ana Valens

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