Vanilla Swirl (@vanilla_swirlxx) tells viewers, “If you’re still spending $100 every two weeks at the nail salon for nails that look exactly like this,” as she shows her nails to the camera, “please, please stop.”

Swirl says you need to fully “remove cuticles and any dead skin.” Swirl says to go around each of your nails and with a cuticle cutter and give them a “quick trim, nothing too crazy.”

Swirl shows her cleaned nails to the camera and says the next step to preparing your nails is to buff the surface. “This is gonna help your natural nail stick to the press-on a lot better,” she explains.

Lastly, Swirl says you need to spray your nails with rubbing alcohol, acetone, nail polish remover or “any kind of dehydrator” to dry out your fingernails. She says this step is important as it removes any excess oil, dust, or fluff from your nails.

“Now on to the second most important step,” Swirl says. She holds up a bottle of Beauty Secrets nail glue and says, “This is the only glue I ever use.”

Before ending her video, Swirl shows the camera her full set of press-on nails and added another on-screen caption saying, “these bad boys will last 30 days easyyy.”