Content creator Karlie (@karlie_513) was getting ready for work when the metal UGGS logo plate on the back of one of her boots suddenly fell off revealing another logo name: JINGPIN.

“Y’all, I am f*cking deceased,” Karlie begins in the video, “So I was walking, and next thing I know something had dropped on the floor. I’m like, ‘What the f*ck is that?’”

Karlie shows her shoe to the camera, holding the fallen UGGS logo plate in her hand. “Y’all, this motherf*cker came off”

“Who the f*ck is JINGPIN?” Karlie exclaims. “It just slides right on and right off,” she explains, referring to the UGGS logo plate that slides right into place over the JINGPIN logo.

Karlie explains that she bought the shoes from another person and that she’s had them for a “long time.” In the video’s caption, she writes, “I’ve had these for at least 6-7 years and never f*cking knew. No wonder why these mfs were $45.”

JINGPIN is a Chinese clothing manufacturer that was founded in 2002. In the comments of Karlie’s video, some users pointed out the quality of the Jingpin boots given that they’ve lasted so long. “Jingpin sales about to go up!” One user declared.