In a viral clip TikToker Karelle Schmidt (@karelleschmidt) showed off how she cares for the candy machines she owns.

“I finally went and checked on this candy machine that I own,” the woman said while recording herself opening the machine’s door with a key. “I’ve not been there in a very long time.”

She then showed the entire process required to clean the machine. First, she unscrewed several tiny screws and took the machine apart. “I threw everything in the sink to be washed,” she explained.

Then, she appeared to wipe the inside of the remaining parts of the machine with a piece of paper towel.

She used dish soap and a sponge to clean the machine’s remaining parts, then put it all back together.

The TikToker admitted she didn’t have all of the usual tools she uses to clean the candy machine. “I had to make do with what I had,” she said.

Finally, she refilled the machine with fresh candy and snacks.

In the comments section, viewers were not thrilled with the TikToker’s cleaning job.

“Thank you for solidifying why I should never let my kids get candy out of these,” someone commented.