In the viral video that has more than 3.4 million views, Dee says that she saw a woman was trying to raise enough money to pay her bills by selling “homemade” plates of food.

Wanting to help out (and hopefully get a delicious plate of food), Dee says she forked over the $25.

But when Dee opens up the styrofoam-to-go container in the video, the plate is loaded up with several slices of fried chicken, rice and beans, fries, and a biscuit.

“Looks good don’t it. But don’t it look familiar?” Dee asks. She quickly clocks that she wasn’t sold a homemade meal, but a repackaged three-piece from Popeye’s.

“I can’t even be mad, bruh. All I could do is say I support the hustle. I been out-hustled,” Dee says. She adds that while she supports the hustle, she aims to “never get hustled again.”

The viral video has nearly 20,000 comments, and plenty of them are people making light of the situation. “She said she selling plates. She didn’t say who’s plates,” a top comment with 47,000 likes read.