Who is Craghas Crabfeeder, the masked adversary in ‘House of the Dragon’?

"You've heard of the troubles in the Stepstones," asks Corlys Valeryon.

“Some Myrish Prince is feeding Westerosi sailors to the crabs,” Daemon replies.

In Fire & Blood, Craghas Drahar was hired to rid the Stepstones of pirates. Craghas and his men charged a toll for anyone wishing to pass through, but eventually raised the toll high enough that people could no longer pay it and attacked those who couldn’t.

“The Crabfeeder is backed by powerful entities within the Free Cities who wish to see Westeros weakened," Corlys tells Daemon.

“I want to seize the Stepstones by force and burn out this Crabfeeder,” Corlys tells the Small Council, but is rebuffed.