The Erosion Bird aka Opium Bird is a large, AI-generated, bird-like creature typically depicted on a snowy mountain. The image has also been known as Meme from 2027 or 2027 Bird.

The stark image has been mostly spread via TikTok, often accompanied by a grain filter, strange otherworldly soundtracks, and the phrase “luh calm fit,” which is a fashion-centric phrase meaning very comfortable, but thrown together.

Erosion Bird first appeared in a TikTok posted by user @Dre on September 12, 2023. The bird itself was actually several slightly different birds, all with the same basic physical attributes and outfit. 

Other versions of the of Arctic AI-bird men were uploaded by multiple TikTokers, once a commenter referred to the creatures as Erosion Birds, the name stuck

Folks started commenting the aforementioned “luh calm fit” on these videos.

The phrase translates to “little calm fit,” and according to Urban Dictionary, is “used to describe an outfit that is ‘nun too crazy‘ or in other words: an outfit that is very plain or thrown together for the sake of being comfortable.”

With its photorealistic visage and severe presence, it’s a fair question to ask if these eight-foot-tall birds walk the earth. However, these lanky feathered friends are just the latest example of a cryptic.