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What’s the deal with Erosion Birds?

A ‘luh cam fit’ look at the Arctic bird.


Mike Hadge


The Erosion Bird aka Opium Bird is a large, AI-generated, bird-like creature typically depicted on a snowy mountain. The image has also been known as Meme from 2027 or 2027 Bird. 

An example of the Erosion Bird meme.

The stark image has been mostly spread via TikTok, often accompanied by a grain filter, strange otherworldly soundtracks, and the phrase “luh calm fit,” which is a fashion-centric phrase meaning very comfortable, but thrown together. However, its meanings are varied and almost Rorschachian.   

What does it all mean and where did this mighty bird come from? 

Erosion Bird origins 

Erosion Bird first appeared in a TikTok posted by user @Dre on September 12, 2023. The bird itself was actually several slightly different birds, all with the same basic physical attributes and outfit. However, these birds were unnamed in this initial appearance.  

While the original @Dre account has been deleted, here’s a reproduction made shortly after. 

@ddrevfx A new species of bird in Antarctica? It looks quite scary, so mysterious #drevfx #secret #xh #xuhuong ♬ nhạc nền  – Dre

“A new species of bird in Antarctica? It looks quite scary, so mysterious,” reads the caption. 

Spread and name 

Another selection of Arctic AI-bird men was posted by @Drevfx on September 14, 2023. It was in this post where they were first referred to as Opium Birds, referencing record label Opium, due to its fur coat resembling the fashion styles of the label’s rappers. 

Shortly thereafter, @Yujiisthebestmc (account since deleted) replied to a comment on one of @Dre’s videos, referring to the creatures as Erosion Birds. The name stuck. Soon, TikTokkers reposting and remixing the original @Dre post would start using the hashtag #ErosionBirds. 

For example, here’s one by user @dum.ugly

@dum.ugly What does the erode #erosionbird ♬ Dead on Fire Funk (Slowed) – DJ Oliver Mendes

The phenomenon took on a different connotation once folks started commenting the aforementioned “luh calm fit” on nearly every Erosion Bird post. Seriously, take a casual glance at any comments section, and you’ll see multiple instances of this fashion slang thrown out.

The phrase translates to “little calm fit,” and according to Urban Dictionary, is “used to describe an outfit that is ‘nun too crazy‘ or in other words: an outfit that is very plain or thrown together for the sake of being comfortable.”

Are Erosion Birds real?

With its photorealistic visage and severe presence, it’s a fair question to ask if these eight-foot-tall birds walk the earth. However, these lanky feathered friends are just the latest example of a cryptic.

Per the Cambridge Dictionary, a cryptic is “a creature that is found in stories and that some people believe exists or say they have seen, but that has never been proven to exist.” In other words, Bigfoot, the Lochness Monster, Richard Simmons, etc. 

Additionally, each Erosion Bird looks slightly different because each one’s a different result from a similar AI prompt. As technology advances, we’ll likely be seeing several more Erosion bird-type images and memes entering the lexicon that blur the line between reality and fantasy. 

Take a look at a similar but different parade of big birds (no, not that kind).

An AI-created variation of the Erosion Bird created by TikTokker @Dre

An AI-created variation of the Erosion Bird created by TikTokker @Dre

An AI-created variation of the Erosion Bird created by TikTokker @Dre

An AI-created variation of the Erosion Bird created by TikTokker @Dre

Verbally, you’d likely use all the same words to describe these guys: “tall,” “feathery,” “snowy mountain background,” “imposing,” “nightmarish,” “bird,” etc. Midjourney or whatever other AI-creation service one might choose does the rest. Basically, the Erosion Birds can’t hurt you (…yet). 

However, that hasn’t stopped users from (humorously or otherwise) attaching more sinister connotations to it, with some claiming it’s a meme from the future, garnering the label Meme from 2027. What does it all mean? Are the birds a harbinger of some future doom? Do they want to just give us all fashion tips?

@khalilslife The scary truth about Opium Bird 😳 #opiumbird #erosionbird #scary #antarctica #bird ♬ original sound – Khalil | Storyteller
@strangeology What the hell is a Luh Calm Fit? And more importantly, what is the terrifying truth behind the Opium Bird? Are we manifesting something sinister into our reality? #luhcalmfit #opiumbird #antarctica #nuntooextravagent #weirdcore #erosionbird ♬ original sound – Strangeology

Erosion Bird examples

Either way, users have run with the Erosion Bird, finding a constant stream of ways to riff on the concept, even making their own, unique members of the flock. 

@mario_210904 ♬ interface – Sgarz
@edmundsplanet Opium birds en la Antártida, año 2027 #opiumbird #opiumbirds #erosionbird #meme2027 #meme #halloween #animal #misterio #conspiracy #luhcalmfit #antartida #pajaro ♬ interface – Sgarz
@xdavies00x #fyp #plug #erosionbird #meme #2027 #luhcalmfit #foryou #bird #birds ♬ interface – Sgarz

luh calm fit

♬ interface – Sgarz

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