TikTok user HellthyJunkFood (@hellthyjunkfood) claims that it’s possible to get a large patty from Wendy’s—yes, one of its distinctive square patties—for $2, and then you can get all the other items needed to make a burger for free.

It starts with the creator asking, “Did you know you’ve been getting ripped off at Wendy’s?” She then shows how it’s possible to get the patty for $2. First, she orders “a plain beef burger for $2 from Wendy’s.” The creator asks the person at the drive-thru, “How much is a bun?”

According to the drive-thru worker, it’s “free.” The creator also asks about lettuce and tomato, which apparently is also free. Once she has the patty and the other, free components of her burger, she puts them all together.

“Let’s see if cheaper tastes better,” she says, taking a bite. She then says that the burger needs ketchup—which is also free at Wendy’s. Commenters shared their thoughts. “I feel like my local Wendy’s would kick my a** for that LMAO,” one shared.