According to TikTok user Nay (@supernovanb), she was checking out when she noticed that an “old lady” was standing behind her with just two items. Seeing this, she decided to let the woman go ahead of her.

“I told her she can go ahead in front of me…and check out, ‘cause I had a whole cart full of stuff and you only got two things in your hand, and ain’t no point for me to wait,” she says.

The woman accepted and went in front of Nay. The TikToker then saw the cashier scan her items and put them into a bag. The woman then began to leave.

At this point, the cashier began scanning Nay’s items, at which time she noticed something strange was happening.

“I’m sitting there looking at the little total, and I’m like, ‘d***, you only scanned one item, why my sh*t’s already 40-something dollars?’” she recounts.

“Tell me why this lady told the cashier lady that I was paying for her freaking items, and she done got me rung up for some damn wine and some barbecue sauce.”

The TikToker then told the cashier the situation. “Do you know this lady had the audacity to call me rude? Because I ain’t wanna pay for her godd*** wine and barbecue sauce?” Nay concludes.

In the comments section, users shared their thoughts on the events described in the video. “Well why the h*** didn’t the cashier confirm with you first. Crazy for her to just assume,” said a user.