Las Vegas insider Jen (@vegasstarfish) informed her viewers, “I’m going to tell you a Las Vegas secret so that you never pay for a hotel room again.”

When you arrive at your resort, Jen said to visit the Players Club. from there, sign up for their free loyalty card.

“Each major chain has one and you only need to do it once per chain,” she explained. “So, once for Caesars Entertainment, once for MGM rewards, once for Wynn and so on.”

Next, you will use a $100 bill to run it through a machine using the Player’s card. After 15 minutes of playing, cash out your money, and leave.

After 90 days, you will receive return marketing offers, according to Jen. To get you to return, the resorts will “send free hotel stays.” In addition, you could do this once with each major chain.

The video amassed 2.3 million views and Jen’s advice worked for them. “This literally works. The first time we went we played $20 at each casino, and haven’t paid for a room for the last 5 times we’ve been!” one viewer wrote.