TikTok user Gisselle (@gizzelle.22) started a video series highlighting some products she “would never buy” as an Ulta worker.

Gisselle kicks off her video by showing the Truly display. Truly is a beauty brand known for selling products like body butter swirled aesthetically in a jar.

“But for $30?? girl bye,” she adds, referring to the popular Acai Your Boobies Boob Polish, which has 4.7 stars on Ulta’s website and aims to smooth skin and target the “appearance of stretch marks and fine lines.”

“Our first offender is Truly. I swear to God the jars are always fingered by customers,” she says before admitting that “yes, the boobies one feels nice.” she says.

Gisselle then turns her attention to a singular product from Kat Von, the Tattoo Liner.

The eye liner retails for $25 and only has 3.3 stars on the Ulta site. Gisselle calls the liner “the most returned product” because “it’s always dried out.”

At the end of her video, Gisselle shows the DevaCurl display. “Ever since that lawsuit, I wouldn’t touch anything from this brand with a 10-foot pole,” she says of the DevaCurl hair products.

Gisselle is referencing a class-action lawsuit that was brought on by customers who accused the brand of designing, manufacturing, and selling them products that resulted in hair loss, hair damage, or scalp irritation.  Gisselle made it clear that she “[DOES] NOT REPRESENT ULTA NOR SPEAK ON BEHALF OF ULTA” and reiterates that “this is a silly video.”