Twitter icon Catturd, a Trump favorite, revealed

Although he has millions of followers, was retweeted by President Trump, and is regularly replied to by Elon Musk, @catturd2 is unknown in his own community. Only one of the dozens of locals the Daily Dot interviewed over several days had ever heard of Phillip Buchanan's internet persona.

In a town where everybody knows everybody, almost no one knows Catturd. And that’s just how Buchanan likes it. “I mainly keep to myself and hardly anyone in my small town knows who I am, and probably wouldn’t care if they did,” he said in an email.

“I guess if journalists wrote the real truth about me, nobody would want to read it. lol. I’m a mostly boring 58-year-old who doesn’t care about wealth, fancy things, socializing 24/7, or being in the in-crowd.”

Everyone else was surprised to learn that they live down the road from a man so well-known in right-wing political circles that Trump sent him a get-well card when he was in the hospital last year.  Read the rest of the interview at The Daily Dot.