TikToker says renters trashed their RV and lied about going to Burning Man

A group allegedly lied about their intentions for renting an RV, according to a viral TikTok video. When they returned the brand new vehicle, it was completely destroyed from the guests’ trip to Burning Man, a nine-day festival in the Nevada desert, famous for its intense camping conditions and regular dust storms.

In the first video, @mrloanoffficer shows the RV how it was returned. The interior is covered in a thick coat of dirt, there’s trash spilled everywhere, and an enormous carton of eggs has spilled and cracked open on the floor.


He claims the couple told him the RV would be used for a trip to Yosemite National Park. They never expected the Burning Man disaster when it was returned.

In another video’s shocking reveal, he shows the vehicle completely scrubbed clean. Every surface is rendered brand new and fresh carpet sits where the pile of egg yolks once was.