In a viral video, Sophia Cuerquis (@sophiacuerquis) says she was at Target on a journey to buy a dinnerware set and noticed there was another woman in the aisle looking at the dinnerware really attentively.

She says she decided to come back later to let the woman have her space. 

Then, Cuerquis says that when she finally came back and noticed the woman wasn’t there, she picked out a dinnerware set in a box that she was really excited about.

Cuerquis says that as she exited the store, she ran into the woman who was viewing the dinnerware. 

The woman reportedly said, “You’re going to love the dinner plates.” Cuerquis says that when she got home and opened up the box, she noticed the dinner plates were missing, although all the other items were there.

Cuerquis thought it was peculiar that the woman specifically mentioned the dinner plates and that those were the only items missing, especially considering the woman had been in the aisle for so long.

“The dinner plates were missing, and I just can’t help [but] think, like, did that lady steal them?” Cuerquis says.

Viewers in the comments section mention being aware of similar situations and taking precautions. “Idk target been funny lately,” one commenter writes. “I bought a two pack of tooth paste and there was only one in the pack … & no suspicious ladies in the aisle !”