In August 2023, singer Ed Sheeran was spotted at a Starbucks serving up the brand’s popular Pumpkin Spiced Latte ahead of the release of his seventh studio album as part of the “singers working regular jobs” PR moves other artists have been seen partaking in.

Ever since he did, it appears that a number of the chain’s locations have been blasting his music non-stop throughout its stores, much to the chagrin of several employees who have posted clips highlighting their dissatisfaction with the brand’s decision to do so.

Like a TikTok named Em (@cummunistxmanifesto) who wrote, “ed sheeran will pay for his crimes against starbucks baristas this week”

The Sheeran push seems to be in coordination with the Sept. 29 release of his latest album, Autumn Variations. As a result, customers and baristas alike are being subjected to continuous play of his music in what appears to be a partnership between the singer and the company.

One Starbucks worker seemed shocked that there were other stores undergoing the same playlist panic that they were. “NO BUT WE KEEP CHANGING IT TO A DIFFERENT PLAYLIST AND IT KEEPS GOING BACK TO ED SHEERAN i didn’t know it was happening to other stores too,” they commented.