Stanley cups have been viral since the beginning of 2023. At SXSW this week, Stanley announced two new products:

A soft-sided cooler, and a carrier bag for the popular 40 oz quencher that should bolster that internet staying power.

The carrier bag, the All Day 40 oz Quencher Carry-All, is not yet available but will be sold for $40 when released.

A Stanley spokesperson told the Daily Dot that the carrier bag has an attached lanyard for the option to wear around your shoulder or crossbody for easy travel. 

The soft cooler will be available in 7.2 QT, known as the All Day Julienne Mini Cooler sold for $100, and in 14.8 QT, the All Day Madeleine Midi Cooler Backpack, will be sold for $170.

She told the Daily Dot  “The Soft cooler is legit BRILLIANT. My friend Danielle has a food allergy and always has to pack food on the go. She was raving about how it’s going to change her life!! It’s so hard to find cute cooler bags.”

TikToker Eleanor (@eleanorrlee) posted a viral video visiting the Stanley Picnic at SXSW seeing the new products.