In a viral video TikTok user Mooch (@spamoochubi) takes viewers on a journey through Aldi, showing the various low prices she spots along the way and offering advice on how much produce should cost at the grocery store.

For example, she notes that she can find large avocados at Aldi for just 59 cents; she notes that anything up to $1 is acceptable. She also finds a dozen large eggs for $1.29; she advises users to buy eggs at $1.50 per dozen.

“If you ever see avocados this cheap, just buy a lot and put it in the fridge,” she explains. “It will slow the ripening process, so you girly-pops can have your avocado toast all day, every day.” she says.

Later in the video, Mooch offers tips on how to find the best limes. “If you want to pick the best limes, make sure the skin is smooth, thin, and shiny,” she details. “You’ll get the juiciest limes 100% of the time. Trust me.”

In the comments section of Mooch’s video, viewers marveled at the low prices. “Eggs are $7 a lime is .80 here and that’s reasonable,” said a commenter.