The video, posted  by Ash (@deliverygirlash), a Shipt Shopper, shows the worker sharing her frustration with a large order placed by a customer that included 10 bags of mulch, 4 bags of potting mix, and 6 bags of 40-pound topsoil, among other items.

“First of all, how am I going to fit that in my car? Second of all, what the actual heck? I don’t even get paid $17 to do this and she has 70 items to get. So what, this is gonna be like three carts. And if I don’t get a tip, I’ll lose my mind’,” she said in the video.

Ash documented her effort as she picked up all of the heavy items the customer ordered, and as she found herself struggling to fit them all into her car.

“I somehow fit all into my back trunk. My arms are broken. My car is a mess. I’m a mess,” she said. “My pants and legs are covered in frigging dirt, my shirt is covered in dirt.”

In the comment section, many commenters expressed shock and disbelief at the customer’s extensive list, with one user writing, “Girl I could literally never accept that order.” Another commenter suggested that Ash should have canceled the order, stating, “I would have canceled that batch so fast.”