new conservative dating app "The right stuff" launches to internet mockery

Ryann McEnany, whose big sister Kayleigh was the White House press secretary during the Trump administration, stars in the debut ad the Right Stuff released on Wednesday.

The Right Stuff isn’t the first dating site to cater to conservatives. Before it there was Righter, Patrio, Dating Freedom Lovers (brought to you by InfoWars), and Awake Dating (for the lonely conspiracy theorist). Of these, only Awake Dating appears to still be in business.

"And by the way, those are the only two options: Ladies and gentlemen," McEnany says, later adding "no pronouns necessary."

"We’re sorry that you’ve had to endure years of bad dates and wasted time with people that don’t see the world our way—the right way."

People wasted no time making jokes about the Right Stuff. Multiple Twitter users suggested it could more aptly be named “the White Stuff.”

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