With their soulful eyes and wide smiles, Abbie Qu’s five toy poodles have been dubbed the “world’s happiest dogs.” The creator, who is from China, went viral across both Instagram and TikTok for sharing cute day-to-day moments with her pups.

But for all the positive attention Angel, Kongkong, Kaka, Fengfeng, and Bobo have received, it seems like their permanent grins have rubbed pretty much the whole internet the wrong way. Thus, people online have come together within the comment sections of Qu’s videos with one goal: 

wiping those goddamn grins off the dogs’ faces for good.

In order to show how furious the pups’ relentless cheeriness make them, hundreds of users across Instagram and TikTok are leaving expletive-laden comments addressing the pups. 

When the commenters aren’t asking the dogs what “the f*ck they smiling about,” they’re trying to give them a stark reality-check, as commenters reiterate “sh*t isn’t sunshine and rainbows” on video after video as the poodles continue to grin into the camera.

Being serious for a second, this meme, like most collective internet inside jokes, has no real rhyme or reason. Thus, the silent tug-of-war between the poodles and the rest of the internet continues in earnest