Papa John’s delivery driver impresses with extra service

A man went viral on TikTok after sharing how a Papa John’s worker went above and beyond—by buying the 2-liter Dr. Pepper bottle he forgot at a gas station.

River Thorne says that after ordering pizza during rush time, his pizza arrived on time and fresh—but the delivery worker forgot his 2-liter Dr. Pepper bottle.

“I forgot your 2 liter,” the Papa John’s worker allegedly told the TikToker. “Let me go to the gas station real quick.”

Thorne was pleasantly surprised when the man came back with not only the 2-liter soda but also a cup of ice since they were out of cold bottles. 

Clearly satisfied, Thorne says he tipped him $40.

“Dude went above and beyond thank you @Papa Johns,” he says in his post.