Every once in a while, arts and crafts chain Michaels will roll out an interesting deal: for $10, one can get a “grab bag” of mystery items. These grab bags generally come in boxes and contain random items from Michaels.

Now, it appears that the Grab Bags are back in some locations—and TikTok user Brit (@britbxthandwriting) has shared the whole process of buying and opening one.

The video shows a man picking up each box and assessing their weight. After a few seconds, the man selects a box, and the pair go to check out.

Later, Brit offered an update showing the box’s contents. The box included some birthday items, many Hello Kitty-themed pieces, LED lights, several decorations, and more.

In the comments of both videos, users shared their joy about the concept of a mystery box. “I’m glad they do this instead of throwing stuff away immediately,” wrote a user.