MEET 'bro girl', The gender-bent 'bro explaining' meme

As a counterpoint to long-established mansplaining memes, the latest hot meme format is all about girlsplaining.  We all know this 'Bro Explaining' meme.

And this 'Milk Edinburgh Club Photo' couple, popularized on Facebook. 

Now meet 'Bro Girl', a young woman yelling something into the ear of a very bored and/or glum-looking young man.  According to Know Your Meme, this format actually originated on Spanish-language internet in 2019.

The original Spanish caption contains stereotypically feminine topics like astrology and Titanic. 

Basically, it’s a reminder that while mansplaining is a widely-recognized scourge, the concept of loudly explaining your interests to bored listeners is not, in fact, an exclusively male trait.

The resulting mashups and memes have been amazing.

bro check out the rest of the reactions and memes bro they get kinda weird bro it's on the Daily Dot bro just click it bro