A video from the Laundromat Money TikTok account (@laundromatmoney) revealed that selling little boxes of detergent out of a vending machine can be a fantastic passive income source if you can make it happen.

The TikToker starts by explaining that the soap vending machine in the video is part of his domain, noting, “Today I’m going to restock it and see how much money I made in the past two weeks.”

He goes on to explain, “I buy the little boxes online for about 60 cents each and sell them for $1.25.” “I buy these boxes online from a website called Cleaner Supply because they offer free shipping and deliver directly to my laundromat,” he continues.

In the video, he shows himself extracting quarters from the machine, many of which coalesce around the Tide side, as that’s his best seller. The machine brought in about $375 worth of quarters for about two weeks of sales.

“I’m sure I could charge a lot more for these boxes, and people would still buy them, but I’m currently making double my money,” he says. “So that’s good enough for now.” “I collect quarters and man,” someone said, “what I wouldn’t give to be able to go through these quarters!!” a commenter said.