The video, uploaded by user Pri (@og_pri), starts with the TikToker pulling up to a Little Caesars drive-thru. As soon as the employee asks, “what can I get for you?” Pri responds with, “I would like to place an order for 50 pepperoni and 50 cheese.”

As soon as she pulls up to the window, Pri presses a button repeatedly. Once the door opens, she bursts into laughter.

It dawns on the employee that the order was a joke, and he sighs in relief.

“Are you irritated, Tim,” Pri asks in a fit of laughter. Tim, the employee who took the order, rubs his forehead with a smile while another employee approaches the window to greet Pri. Tim begins laughing as Pri tells him, “I got you. I wouldn’t do you like that, buddy,” and high-fives him.

Many viewers took to the comments section to praise Tim for his professionalism. “He was cool he offered what he could! Good job man. She better buy y’all lunch but not pizza lol,” one viewer wrote. “His professionalism should be rewarded,” a second agreed. “He was a trooper and polite,” a third commented.