In the experiment, hard-boiled eggs were soaked in different liquids to test if they would stain them. The TikToker starts the video off by saying, “Do not drink Hawaiian Punch and this is why.”

The video, posted by user @huntinggeardeals, features a science experiment conducted by his child for school.

He then showcases a selection of eggs soaked in the following liquids: water, tea, Coca-Cola, coffee, chocolate milk, and Hawaiian Punch.

Each egg is positioned next to the corresponding liquid. The eggs display different shades of color, reflecting the hues of the liquids they were immersed in.

@huntinggeardeals explains: “All right, so everybody probably remembers doing science fair experiments in school right?”

The egg placed next to the Hawaiian Punch appears bright red, with its shell looking crystallized and coarse. 

He continues: “Well, my kid’s been working on one where you take a hard-boiled egg, you soak it in a liquid and see if it stains it to see if it’ll stain your teeth. And a lot of the liquids that you would expect to stain like coffee, tea, pop, they stain eggs, you can see this.”

“But we tried Hawaiian Punch, and look at this egg. Don’t drink Hawaiian Punch. If this is dissolving an egg what is it doing inside of your body?” he concludes.