TikTok user and Chick-fil-A employee Tiana Luna (@xoxo.tluna) posted her idea for a breakfast bowl option that’s “so affordable,” according to her caption.

“You don’t eat at Chick-fil-A because it’s expensive?” she says to start the video. “I got you.” Luna then shows a small container of food and lists its contents: two egg whites, bacon, tomato, and Pepper Jack cheese. “All for $4,”. 

Luna then adds sauce, before shaking it up.

She ends her TikTok taking a big bite of her special Chick-Fil-A hack.

In the comments section, many viewers were unimpressed by Luna’s hack. “4 dollars is a lot for that,” one wrote. However, other viewers defended the meal. “Idk why people hating it looks good,” one person commented.