In a viral clip, TikTok user @creatinetips shows what he alleges to be an interaction between himself and his neighbor. 

The video starts by showing several delivery drivers leaving packages. After a while, a man approaches the door.

“Hey, bro. So I’m part of the HOA, the Homeowners Association. You know, I keep track of the neighborhood, making sure people are doing the things they need to do,” the man says. “You have like a ton of packages on your porch, right?

You know, HOA code says you’re not supposed to have this many packages on your porch. You can order as much as you want, but you can’t keep them on your front porch like you are.”

“They’ve been here all day. I’ve been watching this literally from my house down the street…all day, they’ve been right here,” he continues.

“I don’t want to look at them. They’re ugly. Just bring them in the house. I don’t get it. They’ve literally been here all day. I don’t get it how you have so much money. You just order stuff non-stop. It’s really starting to piss me off.”

The man then proceeds to fine the TikToker for his packages at $25 per package, resulting in a total fine of $125. 

Although many were quick to chide the man for his actions, there’s a catch—the video appears to be fake.

@creatinetips’ TikTok page is full of similar situations involving his supposed neighbor. While he claims in his profile that he’s “definitely not the neighbor,” the TikToker’s page has video after video of ridiculous situations involving this supposed neighbor.