Dental office worker Dani (@dani_bananni) posted a viral TikTok warning against those claiming to be “veneer technicians,” saying the practice is completely illegal.

Dani includes a clip from another TikToker’s video that has the on-screen caption, “When you realize you can make over 5k a week being a Veneer Tech.”

Once the other clip ends, Dani begins recording herself and says, “This is 100% illegal, and we need to talk about it.”

She states that the only people who are licensed in the United States to provide veneers are dentists. “And in order to become a dentist, you have to go to school for eight years,” she adds.

“There is not a single person other than a doctor of dentistry who can perform veneers legally,” she says.

According to Advanced Dentistry, the only people licensed in the United States to perform veneers are “general dentists, cosmetic dentists and some orthodontists.”

South Hill Comprehensive Dentistry states that “filing down the teeth yourself is a terrible method that can do more harm than good.”

If teeth are filed down incorrectly, you are at risk of “dental hypersensitivity, tooth fractures, cavities and tooth decay, and gum disease and bone loss,”

Dani urges, “So please do not fall for this. It is 100% illegal and so dangerous for your natural teeth.” If you want a bright, white smile, Dani suggests you “get Crest White strips” or go to your dentist for “custom bleaching trays, maybe Invisalign.”