In a TikTok video uploaded by a Dairy Queen location in Miami, Florida (@dairyqueen_hammocks), an employee unveiled a step-by-step how the fast food restaurant makes the cake.

First, they fill the bottom of the cake tray with vanilla ice cream. making sure to smooth out the ice cream onto the edges and bottom of the pan. Then, they add scoops of cotton candy sprinkles and spread them across the ice cream. Afterward, they fill a container with more ice cream, cotton candy syrup, and more sprinkles.

Next, the worker uses a machine to blend all the contents together and disperses them across the pan.

The worker then adds detail to the cake by using a large offset spatula.

Finally, the beautiful cake is complete after topping it off with sprinkles.

Viewers who have tried the cake shared their thoughts in the comments. “I GOT THIS FOR MY BIRTHDAY LAST YEAR I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT,” one user wrote.