A Walmart customer has gone viral on TikTok after reviewing the $1.47 chicken egg roll available in the retail giant’s deli section.

TikToker Morgan Chomps (@morganchompz), notes in the video's opening “After trying Walmart’s chicken sandwich, you guys suggested I try another hot item, grab-and-go item from the deli, and they had everything really stocked today,” 

“It has white meat chicken, crisp cabbage, thinly sliced onions, and sweet carrots,” she explains. “I think they should give you the same Polynesian sauce packet they include with the chicken sandwich, but I digress. All right, I first want to try it without any sauce.”

She tries it and seems pleased with what she’s got. “I mean, y’all heard that crunch, right? Everything has a really nice texture, even including the chicken, which I wasn’t 100% expecting.”

She then proceeds to try it with Kraft sweet and sour sauce and likes what she’s got in that pairing. She tries it with Chick-fil-A’s Polynesian sauce next and really enjoys that too.

Commenters had thoughts about the Walmart food item. “Why are these so good???” one exclaimed.