Customer demands Starbucks menu at local coffee shop

Customer demands Starbucks menu at local coffee shop

After realizing their local Starbucks was closed, a customer came in to a local coffee shop and tried to order an “iced caramel Nitro cold brew with coconut milk.”  The employee explained that they don’t have Nitro cold brew or coconut milk but offered to make her something similar with oat milk instead.

"Ew," she says. "This coffee tastes watered down." He offers to remake the drink with espresso and explains that he won't charge her for the first drink that she didn’t like.  When she tried the second drink, Redmond says she said it tasted “even more watered down.”

She then ordered a “hot caramel macchiato with whipped cream,” but was still unsatisfied with the drink, saying “they do this so much better at Starbucks.”  After receiving the bill the customer balked at being charged for oat milk and asked for "a name to call". "You did not just charge me for oat milk," she said. "They don’t do that at Starbucks.”

Redmond says that when the customer got off the phone, she claimed that the woman on the phone said he didn’t need to charge her. 

The employee said he overheard the woman on the phone telling the customer she had to pay for the oat milk.

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