A UPS customer said she had to “track down” a driver to save Christmas after the most prized, and expensive, gift to be put under her tree was reported as undeliverable.

Cecilia (@ceciliawho) shared in a viral TikTok video of  how she went full-on Jingle All the Way to make sure the gift was home in time for the holidays.

Cecilia begins, “Did I just drive to track down the UPS man because he apparently ‘could not deliver’ my package to my house? Abso-freaking-lutely. I said well where is this truck? Where is the truck on the map?

And I got in my car and I tracked this man down. This is the most expensive, most important Christmas gift and you talking about you ‘missed the delivery…could not deliver’ hell no. Give me my sh*t!”

The video then cuts to a recording of the UPS truck in question.

“And then the driver had the nerve to like act upset. Boy, I whipped my car right in front of that truck like, hi yes, this is my tracking number, give me my package. Thank you. Thank you.”

“I caught the UPS guy pulling up and immediately started writing a sorry we missed you note. [Didn’t] even get out the truck,” one commenter on the app wrote.