It seems like Old Navy has been called out for being dishonest about its sale items, as shared by TikToker Geraldy Silva (@geraldysilva1). In her clip, she records a shopping experience she and her sister had at the popular clothing retailer.

Her clip begins with her showing clothes at the store placed next to placards boldly declaring 50% discounts on select items.

She says in the video, “So me and my sister are at Old Navy and I was looking at these leggings and I was like, oh, look they’re half off right now for $10. $9.99, but then I look at this one,” she says, transitioning from a tag to another pair of leggings that has a tag with a $9.99 sticker.

“The tag before it says $5 and they put the $10 tag on top of it,” she says. The original sticker shows that the item was previously selling for $5.99. “Meaning that they marked these up to $10 to make it quote unquote $5 but in reality, it was always $5. Oh my God, Black Friday shopping.”

Numerous viewers who replied to Silva’s video appear to share the same philosophy when it comes to Black Friday shopping. One person wrote, “Stores have done this for years on black friday, best sales are before black friday.”