Natalie Ludwig (@eatsbynat) excitedly reviewed the new double chocolate chunk cookies that are now being sold at the chain’s food courts in a viral TikTok, and she was stunned by its “massive” size. But how does it taste?

“Costco’s now selling double chocolate chunk cookies,” Ludwig says at the top of the video as she zooms into the massive cookie that’s advertised in the food court. According to the signage, it goes for $2.49.

She comments on how huge it is, saying, “Guy’s the Costco cookie’s literally massive.”

She proves just how big it is by reviewing the dessert from the interior of her car. She holds the cookie up to the camera—if she were to hold it over her face, it would completely block her countenance from the screen; the cookie is about the size of her head.

“Oh my goodness it’s warm, so you guys know how I feel about that, but…” she then digs into the cookie, taking a bite.

"this is a good cookie, mmm, it’s only $2,” she says before the clip ultimately closes out.