Customers using self-checkouts have reported everything from buggy software that prevents them from checking out to machines that eat their money to legal issues that may arise from the prevalence of self-checkouts.

However, those issues haven’t stopped companies from rolling out more self-checkout machines—and in the case of Circle K, debuting a whole new kind of checkout experience.

In a viral TikTok user Taylen (@tfa.777) shows one of the machines in action.

“These things are crazy, y’all,” he says as he places a bottle of Gatorade into the scanning area. The item then pops up on the screen. “This is really the future…You just put it on the scanner, and it just knows what you put on the scanner.”

Commenters were quick to share their own experiences with the machines. Some had mixed reviews, while others were more positive.

“Works with stuff with no upc too,” said a user. “It overcharges your card sometimes, keep your receipt,” alleged a second.