Cicis Pizza in Katy, Texas, located at 21931 Katy Fwy, invites any of its guests to partake in the “Pizza Challenge. Making your way through a 28-inch, nearly ten-pound pizza could net you a cold $450 in cash.

According to a framed poster at the restaurant, the rules are simple:

Two People. Two 30-ounce drinks. One single-topping, 28-inch (that’s a two-foot, four-inch diameter) pizza. $50 to enter. The two people have one hour to eat the entire pizza, crusts and drinks included. No bathroom trips are allowed.

Texas TikToker MOMOTIONLV (@momotionlv) paid his $50 entry fee, he then proceeded to Cicis to enter the pizza competition, accompanied by Julio, his eating partner, and a camera.

“We finna make how much?” he asks Julio at the beginning of the video. “$250 each,” his friend replies. “Let’s get it,” he says. “He gonna make that b*tch heavy as hell, man. I’m talking about like 15 pounds,” he says, describing the pie that awaits them.

He then shows the pizza as it comes out and is set before him and Julio. It’s a truly impressive sight, taking up almost all the available table space.

The video stirred up some competitive vibes in the comments section, not to mention some boasts. Jrthefoodgod (@talktomeaboutfood) wrote, “I slay that solo. Someone remember this comment I’m going [there] this weekend.”