‘Best part is that if this fails you’re only down $10’: Man says you can flip $10 item at Home Depot, make over $1K

A user on TikTok has gone viral after claiming to be able to turn $10 into over $1,000 in profit using just a simple item purchased from Home Depot. But does this hack work?

In a video with over 30 million views, TikTok user Steven (@linkcrete20) lays out the plan for this side hustle. In short, one goes to their local Home Depot and buys a single length of 4×4 lumber.

From there, one marks the 4×4 every half of an inch, then cuts at those markings. Once the wood has been cut, the person should sand down the squares on all sides.

With a single piece of wood, Steven says, one can make 288 cuts. Separate that into 72 bundles of 4 coasters, and “that’s $1,440 that you can make off of one $10 investment.”